Top 5 Best Water Sports Activities in Lagos


The fantastic state of Nigeria is famous globally as a major tourist area. Within Nigeria, Lagos -a city embellished with arresting rock formations, bluish seas, perfect shores along with several additional Lagos tourist attractions, has generated its spot as among probably the busiest tourist spots. There is a great deal of reasons why this particular place is very valuable. From Lagos’ sightseeing trips to cruise and boat trips of Lagos, there is several activities to keep you interested on the vacation of yours. You are able to visit the floating village and several beaches on cruise tours and you are able to also try out entertaining activities under Lagos’ drinking water sport pursuits. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in lagos.

  • Kayak tour

Kayaking is among the best ways to discover the amazing coastline and caves. The simple fact of lacking the interference of a motor provides you with an even better way to appreciate the gorgeous cliffs, hidden beaches and caves. Tripindicator takes you to learn the natural treasures of the shoreline of Lagos by kayak in probably the closest way to nature. Come embark with us on an unforgettable adventure, and also get to know our prominent Ponta da Piedade up closer and in the best way – holding a kayak trip in Lagos.

  • Sunrise tour grottos in Lagos

This earlier bird circuit is going to blow you away! Quiet and really clear waters are going to lead your journey finding most gorgeous pure monument of the Algarve. This particular time slot is going to guarantee you to get awaken by the sunrise indicating its early morning glow and staying away from boat traffic. The route of ours is going to take us through various arches & labyrinths sculpted by the seashore over time, we’ll create a stop in the popular “love cave”, to land in the stunning mineral formations of Ponta da Piedade.

  • Dolphin-Watching in Marina de Lagos

Seafaris was the first organization in the Algarve to find Dolphins in the natural habitat of theirs and also the specialist team of ours has more than thirty years’ experience providing memorable day excursions along the spectacular coastline of Southern Portugal. Really feel the thrill of the wind in the face of yours as we glide over the glistening Atlantic Ocean in deep hunt of common dolphins and beautiful bottlenose and even other different spieces of Wild lifestyle, before we carefully settle among the pods to view them play and dance in the natural habitat of theirs.

  • Adventure to the Benagil Caves on a Speedboat

Hop on board one of our specifically designed RIB’s for an one of a kind adrenaline Adventure for the Sea Caves at and around Benagil on this particular 2h Adventure. Departing out of the Marina of Lagos following the coast along beautiful beaches, incredible landscapes and sights on the way to the Fabulous Benagil area. The famous Benagil Cave could be the main attraction but you will see much more on that 1h seeing everything the coast is offering.

  • Incredible Dolphin Watching experience

Equipped with ample room and comfortable seating to move around, plus our fabulous dolphin looking at wedge for the very best pictures of Dolphins as well as special kids seats on the sides of the paper on the Catamaran for kids that are small enjoy Dolphins in comfort and safety.

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