The top Yggdrasil games that you should be playing on Slots

When it comes to creating games for online casinos, Yggdrasil is one of the most promising game makers in the industry. While they’re not necessarily the most popular supplier but their games can rival those developed by well-known game developers who specialize in mobile gaming. What distinguishes Yggdrasil distinct is that they don’t only develop games, they create stunning games that bring players into thrilling worlds of adventure. The company was founded in 2013, and they have since launched a range of games, ranging from slot online machines, table games and bingo.

The distinctiveness of Yggdrasil comes from the innovative games they offer that bring the thrill of players who are looking for more than to play. With Yggdrasil’s games let you totally immerse yourself into the story and the theme of the game you’re playing. The graphics are vibrant and premium that seamless animations that give an immersive feel for their slots.

Furthermore, their slot machines have captivating mini trailers that make players feel like they are playing that have a cinematic feel. They have advanced features, like BOOST technology, they allow their games are able to be part of promotions tournaments that gamblers can take part in.

Yggdrasil creates their games using the ISENSE 2.0 framework, which allows casino operators to integrate their games to any platform. It not only enhances the functionality of games but helps in making the creation of new games much easier, particularly on HTML 5 platform.

Yggdrasil was among the first operators to move to HTML 5. In the years since, their games have received prestigious awards for their creativity and innovation, as well as world-class quality within the online gaming industry. They have won awards from 2015 to the current.

Top Yggdrasil games to play

Yggdrasil has the largest selection of games. However, here are the best ones you shouldn’t overlook. Are you looking forward to playing? Here are the most popular games from Yggdrasil you can play on Slots:

Vikings Go Berzerk

Are you eager to go on an adventure unlike any like it ever before? If so, then play the reels of Vikings Get Berzerk to feel the excitement as you take part in the epic Vikings journey across the ocean and fight the deadly sirens who lurk in the murky, dark seas of Scandinavia. With amazing graphics, striking symbols, and a heart-pounding trailer this slot will bring you on a thrilling excitement when you spin it with the RTP of 96.1 percent..

Get the glory and gold by winning exciting prizes with Bonus Spins, Berzerk Mode, Wilds along with Bonus Spins bonuses. What are you putting off? Go out into the unknown, and be a winner with the prize of 1,250 credits!

Vikings Go to Hell

The Vikings embark on a new adventure with the casino slot Vikings Go to Hell. In this game, players go into the darkest entrances to the underworld and fight unimaginable creatures that bring you the most thrilling rewards. Like Vikings Go Berzerk, this slot is also awe-inspiring in its graphics and a unique game experience that is specifically designed for players like you.

The energetic music score is exhilarating and will energise you spinning the wheel for the RTP of 96.15 Percentage. Get exciting prizes through the free Spins and Sticky Wild as well as Berzerk Bonus Spins.

Sahara Nights

If you’re interested in looking at the vibrant and sand-colored landscapes in the Middle East, casino slot Sahara Nights will take you to the cozy rooms that is Scheherazade along with the Sultan. With a warm colour palette and animated graphics it is a real spectacle for the eyes. In addition to the captivating graphics, Sahara Nights slot is packed with features that you can access after just a few spins.

Wolf Hunters

When the sun goes down the tranquil town in the forest is spooked by terrifying beasts that take its energy from moonlight. Are you curious about what lurks beneath the darkness? Join the brave players in the casino slot Wolf Hunters and dive into the dark where awe-inspiring rewards are in store!

Furthermore, this slot comes with exciting features, such as Free Spins and Sticky Wilds and Bonus games which can help you win more! Get ready for the wolfsbane and silver bullets as this slot will provide you with exciting gameplay with the RTP of 96.3 percent.

Medusa Fortune Glory

Hell is nothing like an unloved woman. In the slot machine of casinos Medusa Fortune Glory, the gorgeous gorgon from Greek mythology has returned eager to take justice on reels. Return to the past and travel the vast lands of Greece in search of her. Earn Medusa’s favor since she’s able to grant thrilling rewards through Scatters, Fortune Feature and Glory Feature. Scatters, Fortune Feature and the Glory Feature.

Avatar’s Gateway Guardians

Explore the earliest people on Earth before the arrival of mankind in the casino slot Avatar’s Gateway Guardians. Discover the mysterious world where they live and enjoy fortunes that can reach 580,000 credit. You can play this game with the RTP of 96.3 percent and experience the magical attraction that the characters have!

Aldo’s Journey

Enjoy an experience like none similar whenever you turn the wheels in the casino Slot Aldo’s Journey. This thrilling game Aldo the globetrotter is going to take players on an unforgettable trip all over the world as you spin with the RTP of 96.1 percent. You also stand the chance to win cash worth around 420,500 credits!

Find the sparkling stones in the places you go to because they will trigger exciting game features like Bonus Spins as well as Multipliers. With its stunning images and vivid graphics the slot will provide you a thrilling experience as you travel around the world with Aldo.

Blood Moon Wilds

Something odd is taking place within the streets of New Orleans when the full moon shines its shining light. As the clock approaches midnight the dark cloud looms over the city, and a gang of animals set looking for their next prey. Are you interested in finding the mysteries of this urban forest? You can spin the reels for the RTP of 96.2 percent and witness the mystery unfold in front of your eyes. In casino slot Blood Moon Wilds.

In this thrilling slot you’ll meet terrifying creatures that will grant you 213,000 credits worth of riches!

Why do players enjoy Yggdrasil games?

They have a large selection of slots

Yggdrasil offers a wide selection of slots with stunning visuals that offer a cinematic game experience to players. The games they provide were designed and developed with the help of an accomplished artist, who previously was employed by NetEnt. With their various topics and titles you are sure to choose a game that will fit your preferences and tastes.

Yggdrasil game library continuously up-to-date

What is it that makes Yggdrasil an extremely popular choice for players is the fact that they continuously expand their range of games to include new games which are more creative and superior than previous. In addition, each time they introduce brand new slots, they upgrade the experience by adding new features like Free Spins and Bonus Games and Minigame rounds which allow players to win more winnings.

They form partnerships with other gaming companies.

To keep things lively, Yggdrasil collaborates with other game developers to develop new and innovative games. Another of their game designers they have worked with is Softgamings who can further improve their game and extend their game to other regions of the globe by developing more appealing and varied slot machines.

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