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9 Tips For Creating A Contemporary & Functional Kitchen

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Do you have to wake up to an outdated kitchen every morning? Do you feel like you have stepped on a time machine and entered a kitchen in ancient times? This is not just your story; many women would agree with this. So, how about taking a pledge to remodel your kitchen into a space that spreads newness and contemporary vibes?

A lot happens in the kitchen. From those hurried-up breakfasts to lunch, peaceful dinners, sweet treats, and baking, the survival essential for life come out from the kitchens. So, why not buy kitchen furniture online and design your cooking space into a perfect paradise where you would love to cook delicious meals for your family? Read on to learn a few tips that you can apply to build a contemporary kitchen that proves functional at the same time besides just showing beauty:

1. Embrace a minimalistic affair

One of the most basic tricks to get a contemporary and functional kitchen is to go for sleek and minimalistic designs. By saying this, we do not mean that you have to go minimal, but you have to make your kitchens look like this. There is a way to design your kitchen such that you have enough storage and cubbies, but it can still make your cooking spaces look spartan and spacious.

For this, try using white-colored cabinets, cubbies, and countertops and see the difference. This white-colored hack can get your kitchen decked up in a contemporary style while displaying timeless beauty.

2. Wood and marble combo

This combination is an exciting trend that is ruling designer kitchens these days. To get your kitchen decked up around this combination, all you need to do is to mix and match white marble countertops with dark and wooden cabinet frames to complete the look. Deep-toned wooden colors are always a plus to applying this theme because it adds warmth to your kitchen, whereas the white marble countertops add sophistication.

3. Include some timeless pieces

To add a pinch of classiness to your kitchens, you can consider incorporating sleek designs and other elements that are bound to last for a lifetime. Sleek and sliding cabinets, push cabinets, and crisp cabinetry are the best ways to get started, as these elements can withstand the test of time. So, wait no more and get started with kitchen furniture online shopping to get your kitchens some new essentials that they deserve for a modern design.

4. Add drama with colors

Yes, contemporary kitchens call for subtle decor but do not shy off from popping up colors here and there. By using the vibrancy of colors, you can add some extra drama to your kitchen. For this, try introducing colorful kitchen essentials such as cutlery, a bright-colored kitchen chair, and colorful décor pieces and see how these beauties create a highlight in your contemporary-styled kitchens.

5. Install open shelves 

Contemporary designs speak more about space and openness. With that said, including open kitchen shelves are a go-to option to embrace the open concept of contemporary designed kitchens. Shelves not only offer storage but also serve as a décor element wherein you can store your kitchen beauties that are worth showcasing. All your cutlery sets, dining ware, and jars that are worth displaying can occupy space on those open shelves to add more character to your cooking haven.

6. Make way for open kitchens

Older homes used to have dedicated spaces for cooking, but this is no longer a mandate in modern times. Modern and contemporary kitchens have made way for open kitchens that also allow the master chefs to socialize even while being inside the kitchen.

A breakfast counter or a countertop can be used as a separator that acts as a barrier between the kitchen and living room while you use the countertop to prepare meals while enjoying TV. Such a concept also encourages interaction with family members even while you are busy with the cooking chores.

7. Think about black

If you feel that black is not for the kitchen, check out the latest contemporary kitchen designs, and you will get to know that this is just a myth. In fact, black is one of the most favored colors for a contemporary-styled kitchen after white. It is even deriving its name as the new white. Right from black cabinets to countertops and even walls, this color can work out the magic of adding chic and contemporary vibes to the kitchens.

8. Never skip the lighting

The kitchen space illumination is something that most people overlook, but it is one of the biggest mistakes you would make. Whether you design your kitchen such that it receives enough natural light or use pendant lights, clusters, and other lighting fixtures, a proper lighting scheme is mandatory.

It can take the contemporary scale a level up and make it easy for you to work in the kitchen. Also, well-illuminated countertops have their own charm and can make your cooking space look creative and chic, especially during the night. You can also use floor lights to spruce up the ambiance of your kitchen and make it feel cozier.

9. Add finishing touches

Even the smallest efforts can create a big impact to give a modern twist to your kitchen and make it more lively and refreshing. May it be a new set of plates, a new kitchen tap, jars, teapot, or a new curtain, such new additions can give your kitchen an instant makeover. Even a new backsplash can turn out to be an effective way to bring newness to your kitchen besides protecting your kitchen walls against oil splatters and food stains.


Having a kitchen designed around a contemporary appeal and being functional at the same time requires some careful planning. We hope that these tips help you to add a contemporary spin to your cooking space. So, what are you waiting for? Shop dining set, bar kitchen furniture and other kitchen essentials and call for an expert who can help you design the kitchen of your dreams.