5 Best Paris Ghost Walking Tours

Partake in a elective interpretation of the City of Light once you leave with this extraordinary, themed visit. Try not to stress over exploring Paris‘ evening roads all alone: with the corporation of one’s aide, you view a portion of the city’s most popular tourist spots—including Lodging de Ville, the Seine, and Royal residence of Equity (Palais de Equity)— just as its quirkier, additional astonishing corners. Get acquainted with about Paris history, just as its spookiest apparition stories.

1) Ghosts, Mysteries and Legends Night Walking Tour of Paris.

The Catacombs of Paris certainly are a network of former quarries under the city, converted into ossuaries beginning in the late 18th century. Stacked with an incredible number of skulls and bones, the underground cemetery contains 2,000 years of history. Explore the one-of-a-kind underground city of the dead with this in-depth guided tour, which bypasses the entrance lines and grants special access to off-limits areas of the tombs.

2) Dark Paris Myths & Legends Private Walking Tour

Our Dark Paris private tour is the ideal way to unveil the most secret & mysterious legends of the City of Lights. From the Antic Latin Quarter to Notre Dame surroundings, and from the Marais to the Haunted Châtelet. It won’t make you indifferent. Secure your spot now! Have a private Paris Evening Tour with a Local Expert Guide. Explore the medieval heart of Paris, where each street corner hides stories to reveal.

3) Paris Catacombs Tour with Miss the Line Audio Guide: Horror Experience.

Head right to the Skip-the-Line Entrance to enter a mystical network of tunnels, 20 meters below the streets of Paris. These tickets give you access to bypass the 3–5-hour long ticket lines and directly join much shorter queues. – The Catacombs of Paris certainly are a grim yet beautiful reminder of the city’s important history – Miss the winding queues and head right to the security line with these tickets – Explore 2km of underground tunnels that house the remains of over six million Parisians – Discover over 2,000 years of Parisian history with this incredible tour.

4) The Darkest Secrets of Paris.

Let’s experience Paris’s dark side on a spine-chilling night walk! Paris is not merely the city of love, but also a real haunted city. Many historical murders, crimes and fantastic legends have written the story of the city. We shall spend two hours together during which we will uncover the dark secrets of Notre Dame district, the French version of “Romeo & Juliette” tragic couple, the most famous ghosts of the city, and the captivating horror stories concerning the historical buildings.

5) Paris Père Lachaise Cemetery: Famous Graves of Paris Walking Tour.

Experience Paris’of eras past with this walking tour of the famous Père Lachaise Cemetery. A common local guide will lead you via a maze of haunting yet romantic headstones and tombs including those of Jim Morrison, Balzac and Oscar Wilde – bedecked in vibrant kisses from a huge selection of admirers. Learn about a few of Paris’most famous figures and iconic stories with this small-group excursion.

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